Pocket Pair Entertainment has constructed the following party planning tips to help you plan a successful casino event night.



First and foremost, you must determine the number of guests you plan on having at your event. An accurate guest count will help determine an appropriate venue, provide your catering company with a head count, and most importantly allow you to choose how many gaming tables will be necessary to accommodate all of your guests.



Choosing the right date and time for your event is a vital part of ensuring a great turnout. Pocket Pair Entertainment recommends planning well in advance if you wish to book a party during peak days or holiday seasons. Saturdays book quickly and so do most days in December. We recommend starting parties at around 7pm as this allows adequate time for your guests to arrive to the party. It also allows for time after game-play to hold raffles and conduct any other business before your guests depart.



The location of your event is dependent on several factors including the number of guests you plan on having in attendance, your budget, and  the feel or theme of your party.



The decorations for your event should coincide with the theme you have chosen. We find that our clients usually stick with a casino theme for their party. Our dealers are able to dress in attire that matches your theme. Pocket Pair Entertainment is able to help you with decorations through our party planning department.